Jalisco's CF Rogue Bumper Kit | Infiniti Q50 PRE ORDER | Read Description

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Wait Time | Pre Order Policy https://jaliscoscarbonfiber.com/pages/policy-for-pre-order-exterior-carbon


Front Bumper: Made of Polyurethane Material 

Fitment can be achieved on any year Q50 however, it would require a 14-17 Q50 Grill and logo. We can include both for an additional charge after the item is completed. 

As well, customer will need to drill their own sensor holes and if you Q50 is equipped with the front sensor emergency brake system (located at bottom half of the 2nd grill portion) this may not be compatible. 


Rear BumperMade of Polyurethane Material 

Fitment can only be achieved on 2014-2017 Q50 Models. Modifications to your exhaust will be required for fitment of muffler tips. A kit is provided as seen in picture in order to complete installation. PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION IS RECOMMENDED


Please note, freight shipping charge at checkout is for a single bumper, you can order both in a single order and we can attempt to ship both bumpers once ready in order to save on shipping costs. Shipping costs may be the same or higher when attempting to ship out 2 bumpers in a single container.