About Us

Initially, when I entered the Carbon Fiber and Car community, I was shocked by the outrageous prices and poor communication/service that other shops provided. Unfortunately, at this time these were the only connections to source Carbon Fiber products from. 

After some time, I wanted to help the Car Community by setting up 'group buys' for Carbon Products that were at that time, hard to come by. I did this in an effort to make a change in the community and provide a service that others were to greedy to due. After several successful group buys and coincidently a rough time in my life, I figured I could this as a side hustle. The car community came out in full support by placing their orders with me for Carbon Fiber despite my lack of resources. For several years, I was doing everything without a website and shipping from my apartment to my In-Laws basement. 

Fast forward approximately 2 years, I was growing at an astounding pace all while working Full Time as a Physical Therapist Assistant during the Pandemic. It wasn't until I spoke to the MomandPopcast that I was encouraged to do this full time to not only better my life but increase my hold on the Carbon Fiber industry. Going Full time with my business on 6/01/21 was the best decision of my life. I not only saw a growth in sales, but also a huge increase in customer satisfaction. I was also able to expand my product inventory and brands that I could provide to.

I thank my customers/supporters and God every chance I get for allowing me to continue to grow as a business and as a person. 

Because of the support that I was provided, I was able to single handedly bring prices down all through the industry and started the trend of selling CF products at a Fair price!