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    Steering Wheel Production | LED Tutorial(old)

    How Does a Steering Wheel order work?

    (Wheels do not retail heated option unless additional priced option is listed)
    Once your order is placed, we'll review the order to avoid any discrepancies. Small minor modifications that do not affect price, can be requested via email ONLY within 24 hours of placing order. 
    (Holidays & Closed Dates are not Included in Production ETA)
    3-5 Week Production time:
    Your Real Carbon Fiber Made to Order steering wheel will take approximately 3-5 weeks to produce. Please note our timelines are estimated and can vary due to uncontrollable variables. 
    (Please feel free to Email for updates if you have not been contacted after the 5 week mark. Due to a high volume of orders, we can not provide an update on your wheel until it is completed)
    1-2 Week Import time:
    Afterwards our manufacturing team will ship the completed item to us which takes about 1-2 weeks. Once the item ships from our Chicago location, transit time to you is approximately 7 Business Days
    Important Information: 
    You MAY receive an automatic email notification item has shipped via Shopify HOWEVER, Please note you will receive a TRACKING number once item actually IS READY TO SHIP.
    Unless an option is clearly stated, we DO NOT OFFER Heated Steering wheels. We can retain Heated option on some Steering wheels such as Tesla, Lexus and others; however this will be clearly listed in the product purchase.

    Do you do Installs or send tutorial? LED Steering Wheel install tips?

    We do offer occasional Chicagoland install for a small fee. For Infiniti related products, it is encouraged you to view SpeedCultureStudios YouTube channel, other videos, or Forums for install tips. PROFESSIONAL INSTALL IS RECOMMENDED.

    LED steering wheels will come with written general tutorial for install of RPM module. Most of our LED steering wheels work with Bluetooth with provided module; module connects to OBD 2 port while Steering wheel connects to 12v power from your wheel column. Most 12v power is able to be achieved from old heated wheel wire, while others may have supplemental power from air horn which may reset LED screen temporarily but will not cause damage to steering wheel. Professional install is recommended. 

    As a disclaimer, we recommend professional install for all products. 
    Majority of our customers do report utilizing online forums, D.I.Y, YouTube or Local Mechanic shops for their Install.
    We are not liable for any damage caused upon vehicle, self or others during install of product.

    Do you offer Color Match?

    Due to countless variables, we do not guarantee color match. WE DO however have a vast color pallet listed on our website for Stripe/Stitch color options that will come very close to the color you are searching for.