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    Led installation Guide

     LED Steering Wheel Installation Guide

    1. Start by disconnecting the battery. Wait 16 minutes before moving on to remove the airbag.

    2. To remove the airbag. Locate the two access holes on either side of the steering wheel casing, inert a pin/screwdriver to release the clips until a click is heard. Alternatively, some vehicles simply have two mounting bolts on either side of the steering wheel casing which need to be removed.

    3. gently grasp the airbag assembly and pull away from the steering wheel. Be careful to not pull it out quickly as the wiring harness connector for the horn and deployment control will still be attached.

    4. Disconnect all writing gently to avoid damaging any of the safety pins. We recommend taking a picture before disconnecting the wiring to ensure proper re-installation.

    5. To remove the steering wheel, ensure that the steering wheel is aligned straight with the wheels of your vehicle. Use a breaker bar or impact gun to remove the mounting bolt or nut in the center of the steering wheel.

    6. Firmly grasp the steering wheel and pull outward. Once loosened, slide the wires through the access hole in the center of the steering wheel.

    7. Mark the steering column to be able to align the steering wheel properly later on

    8. once the OEM steering wheel has been removed from the vehicle, remove all parts that need to be swapped to the replacement steering wheel, including the multinational buttons, surround trim, back casing, paddles, etc. Reinstall these parts on the replacement steering wheel.

    9. Install the wiring. Retract the sheath covering the steering wheel wiring harness to connect the LED unit. European and American cars normally have 12V and ground wires. A volt reader is necessary!

    10. Reinstall the wiring., Retract the sheath covering the steering wheel wiring harness to connect the LED unit. European and American cars normally have a 12V and a ground wire. Volt read be necessary 

    11. Reattach the airbag wiring however do not install the airbag back onto the steering wheel, we recommend having someone hold the airbag while the wiring is done as opposed to leaving it hanging and potentially causing damage), 

    12. Reconnect the battery and tut the vehicle's ignition on 

    13. Using a voltmeter, find and label the 12V wire as well as the ground wire. 

    14. Disconnect the battery and wait 15 minutes 

    15. Disconnect the wiring harness again once the wires have been labeled appropriately

     16. Using a wine stripper, remove the insulation sheath to expose around 3/4 el an inch of the 12 and ground wire.

    17. To supply power to the steering wheel locate the LED wires coming off the LED unit wiring harness; Use a wire stopper to expose around 3/4 of an inch of the wire. Hand over the LED unit to the 12V OEM wire, and wrap the individual wire tightly with electrical tape.

    18. Repeat the same process we the OEM ground wire and the BROWN wire coming off the LED unit wiring harness.

    19. The YELLOW wire is an additional booster wire. The majority of vehicles using 12V power do not require it, So simply wrap the end with electrical tape

    20. Wrap the entire wiring harness with electrical tape and ensure there are no exposed visible wires

    21. Reconnect all wires, and tuck the wiring harnesses to the edges of the casing for a clean installation and to avoid any interference with the airbag functionality

    22.. The airbag can now reinstall by gently pushing it into place an audible click, is heard.

    23. Reconnect the battery

    24. Connect the wireless OBD module to your OBD2 port. The module can then be tucked into the foothill for a clean install

    25. Start the vehicle and test the functionality of the steering wheel (Display and LED lights). If the LED unit does not power up automatically, it may be in sleep mode (press and hold the two buttons on either side of the LED unit until it powers up)

    26. Your installation is now complete!